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Caroline Ekrem is a Creative Director with 15 years of experience from some of the world's top advertising agencies, including The Martin Agency (named  "Agency of the Year" in '23, '22 & '21), Droga5 (named "Agency of the Decade" in '20) and TRY (named Norway's "Agency of the Year" 20 years in a row)

Caroline specializes in building strong brands and effective campaigns around transformative insights and relevant, creative ideas. Her work has been celebrated 35 times globally by Cannes Lions, Webby, Effie, and other award shows honoring creativity and effectiveness.

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💵 All is Fair in Monopoly 💵

"All is Fair in Monopoly" launched in fall 2023 and is the new global brand platform for the iconic Monopoly board game.

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No matter where you grew up, chances are you played Monopoly.  The name alone sends me straight back to childhood, when I first discovered mom's ruthless side. Nobody cheats in Monopoly like she does. Or so I thought.


On different continents across the world, my team grew up watching their sisters, aunts and dads relish in their most ruthless selves as the Scotty Dog, Top Hat, and Duck.

We all learned that when you play Monopoly, it's totally fine to crush your partner, bankrupt your kid, or send your nana to jail in order to rank in the cash and secure boardwalk in your colorful portfolio. Monopoly is a game of opulence and villainy,  making it into the iconic game that Muhammad Ali played and Queen Elizabeth banned. Being the best of being the worst is the name of the game, and that’s why we still get a kick out of playing it today.

The people behind the work:

The Martin Agency: Caroline Ekrem (Creative Director),
Kelsey Whipple, Sydney Aloe, Alberto Orte, Mariana Cotlear, Cristian Castiglia,  Ashley Diddell, Chip Cook, Tiffany Boggs, Molly Dauphin, Rique Santiago, Octavio Luna, Vanessa Griggs, Matt Cervantes, and Jenn Clark.

Director: Björn Rühmann
Production Designer: Zuzia Mazurczak-Beśka
Production company:  Smuggler 
Photographer: Katinka Herbert

Client: Hasbro, Inc.

"All is fair in Monopoly" rolled out on TV, online videos, social, contextual OOH, in-store activations and more.


Contextual OOH